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André Fonseca Ferreira

André’s professional experience was focused on designing, imagining, facilitating and delivering radical ideas and new lenses to critical business issues. Solving game changing problems, launching new businesses, activating people's creative confidence and acting as a management innovation consultant across many different industries and across the globe. André managed several innovation projects that aimed to transform ideas into market offerings, incubate and integrate start-ups in complex and big organizations portfolios and develop disruptive prototypes that aimed to transform incumbent business models.

His goal is to act as a key agent of change and disruption to help companies navigate and reinvent themselves in this new world and as promoter of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the intrapreneurship top of mind. His consulting and facilitation experience (since 2004) is in strategic and transformation change, developing projects in seven main disciplines: strategic foresight, strategic innovation, disruptive innovation, strategic sales activation, service design thinking, change management and digital transformation. He performs as a keynote speaker focused on understanding the digital disruption phenomenon.

The Bricks: 4 Pillar Technologies

Big Data & Analytics

The amount of data available to collect and analyze to inform better decisions is enormous. IDC research shows that the amount of high value data worth analysing will double by 2020. Organizations need to view data as a strategic asset not only for internal decision support, but for generating revenue or for providing other desired value. Organizations need to better understand what they can calculate about individuals based upon these collection points and understand that analysis can’t always be acted upon as a business.


As cloud adoption continues to expand, the very concept of what clouds are, and what they can do will change in important ways. Cloud services will become much more distributed, secure, industry specialized, and intelligent – which means leaders will need to stay on top of how this technology is tailored and deployed in their organization. Enterprises are quickly realizing that the cloud is required for digital natives, and are investing heavily in response. By 2020, greater cloud spending for IT and cloud services will exceed $500 billion globally.


For many business leaders, mobility might seem like an old concern, but smartphones, tablets, and wearable technologies allow businesses to continuously interact with employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders in new ways, creating customized digital experiences. Business leaders need to assess the most appropriate business processes and focus areas where they can create these customized experiences. Customers are using mobile technologies, which means businesses need to as well.


Social is the connective branch that better aligns businesses with stakeholders, in addition to aligning internal business units and lines of business. To become transformative in their use of social business, enterprises will need to solve for challenges to create openness and connectivity in their ecosystems in order to preserve alignment and deliver optimal experiences expected by customers. IDC predicts that by 2020, 40% of e-commerce will be enabled or influenced by a consumer’s social network in an automated way.


"Provide a deep understanding of the digital disruption phenomena by putting trends of tomorrow’s world into perspective with a quizzical, fast-paced, quick-witted tour of transformation horizons."


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